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Niigata University of Management is located in Kamo-shi where it is surrounded by a rich natural environment. It is a one-hour drive from Niigata-shi, the biggest city in the western part of Japan on the Sea of Japan side.

- About Niigata University of Management

Niigata University of Management is a four-year course university that has a Department of Management and Information Science, and a Department of Sports Management. It is located in Kamo-shi where it is surrounded by a rich natural environment. It is a one-hour drive from Niigata-shi, the biggest city in the western part of Japan on the Sea of Japan side.

Focusing on basic business administration, the Department of Management and Information Science fosters the human resources of business activity that one encounters in daily life. It approaches this through the four courses of “Management”, “Accounting”, “Information”, and “English.” The Department of Sport Management, on the other hand, fosters human resources unique to the world of sports.


- Philosophy

The educational goals of Niigata University of Management aim to develop students’ flexible personalities and to prepare them well to forcefully meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our mission as an educational institution is to support and help each student find his or her own field in which to play a leading part. We also aim to provide students with experiences that allow them to feel the pleasure of creation and the sense of fulfillment that comes from being socially accepted. To this end, we have systemized the school’s curriculum and teaching method, and have a faculty that works as a team to support and cultivate the abilities of each student.


- History

Responding to the strong requests for higher education from local residents, Niigata University of Management was established in Kamo-shi, Niigata in 1994. Prior to that, Kamo-shi had a long history of private education dating back to 1920 when Kamoasa School, with a curriculum designed for young rural men, was established. Later, in 1937, it developed into a technical school designated for certification acquisition without examinations. It finally became a high school under the new post-war system in 1948. After that, because of an increasing awareness about the values of higher education, local residents gradually came to desire the establishment of a new university.

Since its authorization, Niigata University of Management has continuously provided educational opportunities to local, national and international students alike. The teachers and administration of the university have inherited the traditional spirit fostered by its history, and strive to remember that our university was established through the support of the surrounding community with the cooperation of both private and public entities. Therefore, we aim to develop human resources who can contribute to the community the country and the world.


- About the Faculty of Management and Information Science

The Department of Management and Information Science targets the acquisition of necessary knowledge and the understanding of the technology required for business management. It focuses on the advanced knowledge and skills needed for business strategy, marketing, business accounting, and the maintenance and operation of business information systems. In addition, through its management, accounting, information, English and education courses, it aims to foster business specialists who understand the entirety of business.

The Department of Sport Management aims to develop human resources who can contribute to the activation of local sports and to the health promotion of local people using an advanced knowledge and skill of sports and training. It also aims to foster human resources who can cultivate new business opportunities related to sports by integrating the knowledge and skill of management with athletic training methods based on sports medicine.


- Facilities

There are a wide variety of facilities available to students and teachers depending on the style and content of the lecture or seminar. The campus is designed so that it may serve as the base for each student’s studies and offers a supportive environment to their quest for knowledge and acquirement of licenses. Students can also take advantage of any of the on-campus facilities, including a lecture room with CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) system equipped with the latest technology, depending on their own study styles. Further, students can be assisted by a great variety of teachers, including those proficient in a variety of foreign-language skills, who can help their students prepare to live in a number of international communities.

There is also a modern fitness center equipped with the latest exercise machines to support the enhancement of students’ physical fitness and the many sports clubs sponsored by the university. Additionally, a well-stocked on-campus library is open both to students and the public.


- Enhancement Clubs

Niigata University of Management sponsors a variety of sports clubs that have achieved nationwide recognition. Four such enhancement clubs, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball and gymnastics, offer world-class facilities, equipment and support systems as well as coaches with professional experience. These clubs have shown wonderful progress year after year and are supported by a great team of managers and instructors with a reputation for training excellence.


- A Message from the President

Step Forward for Your Dream

President of Niigata University of Management,
Tamotsu Watanabe

Four years at Niigata University of Management is filled with dreams and hopes and self-fulfillment. This is what we aim to realize at our university.

Niigata University of Management is located in an area of town named “Kibougaoka,” which literally means “the village of hope.” Our mission is to support each one of our students to find his or her own field in which to play a leading part, to experience the pleasure of creation, to nurture hopes, and to experience a sense of fulfillment.

Established in 1994, Niigata University of Management is now 20 years old, a relatively young university. It was founded through cooperation between public and private entities and is supported by donations from the Niigata Prefectural Government, 18 former municipalities and the understanding and cooperation of enterprises, organizations and community leaders in order to answer the earnest request from the surrounding community and industries for equal opportunities of higher education in Central Niigata Prefecture.

Our school has two main educational departments, the Department of Management and Information Science and the Department of Sports Management, and offers a wide variety of fields and courses for study to prepare our students for their future. Further, since we value both academics and athletics, we have made continual step-by-step progress in both cultural and sporting activities in nationwide competitions. Therefore, our alumni and alumnae achieve great success in a variety of areas both in and out of Niigata Prefecture.

The success of highly professional study is often related to the qualifications obtained, therefore many students try to acquire as many as possible while striving to achieve good academic results and acquiring good social reputations. I would highly recommend that you also try to acquire qualifications.

However, passing examinations and the acquirement of qualifications are not the main purpose of university but merely one of the goals. University is the place to pursue academics and shape your personality through them. I hope you will find the pleasure, the importance and the greatness of the academics at Niigata University of Management. All faculty members sincerely and strongly support every student.

Even though our university is rather small, it offers advantages that large universities can never give. One of the benefits of a small university is the close relationship between students and teachers and our teachers aim to take good care of their students.

Our mission at Niigata University of Management is to receive students as gemstones and send them out into society as beautiful jewels. To this end, a campus of seasonal beauty and of rich natural environment awaits you at Niigata University of Management and I await your entry to our school with my whole heart.

President of Niigata University of Management,
Tamotsu Watanabe


- Contact

Niigata University of Management
2909-2 Kibougaoka, Kamo-shi, Niigata 959-1321
TEL:+81-256-53-3000 (Switchboard)